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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Alright everyone...I'm no longer going to try to keep up with my own page. Its just to much for me handle right now. So, Dana and I decided that I will just be a guest commentator on her site. So make sure and go check out D*ana's Dirt

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Ok, I know I have been slack with the dirt, but I closed on my house on Monday so I have been kinda busy. I will try my hardest to get some dirt up here for ya tomorrow. It just seems that with the house, work, and school I'm runnin a little thin, so unfortunetely this kinda suffers. Don't give up on me yet though!


Thursday, January 27, 2005

Ok, here is Dana's new journal: www.danaandkyla.blogspot.com

Update on Dana: I'm sure some of you may have noticed by now that her journal is down and if you click on danasdirt.com it takes you to a porn site. (Real fucking mature right??) So, she will be making a new blog soon, and I will give the link as soon as she has it done.


Man it has been a busy week for me. I will try to get ya some dirt, so you can have your fix for today, but it may be short.

- Jamie Foxx was asleep during the Oscar nominations. Hell, I would be to. It was announced at like 5:30 in the morning. I mean if you are nominated you will still be so at 10 right?

- Elizabeth Hurley tells how she lost her weight after giving birth. She only ate one meal a day. Yep, thats right she was mildly anorexic...thats nice lets tell the world about it. Stupid ass celebrities. What the hell does she even need loose weight for, its not like she has an amazing movie career or anything.

- Oh this nice, Johnny Depp is an ungrateful prick. He is saying how he hates the Oscars. How he wished he wasn't nominated. He goes on to say that when he attended the Oscars last year he hated it and all he kept thinking was, When can I go smoke, and Where can I get a drink. Then he says he was ecstatic about not winning. What a jerk. I already couldn't stand him, now I really hate him.

- Penelope Cruz was almost attacked and robbed. She was sitting in the back of a mercedes when two men tried to bust out the window by smashing a rock into the window. Luckily the driver sped off, but she apparently cried the whole way back to her hotel. She has now hired her first bodyguard.

- Martha Stewart is learning line dancing in prison. Yep, she is taking a class on country line dancing. She has learned the steps to Brooks & Dunn's Boot Scoot and Boogie, LOL

- Clay Aiken will play a cafeteria worker named Kenny on an upcoming episode of Scrubs. I just thought that was funny.

- Paris Hilton adopted a rottweiler. No word yet on its name, but I can just imagine it being TinkerButch or something.

- Joan Rivers apparently hated Johnny Carson. She said she lied about all the nice stuff she said. She then went on to say that just because he died it doesn't make him a saint, he did fire her after all, LOL.

- Debbie Gibson is going to pose naked in Playboy....ewwwwwww!

- Colin Farrell got in trouble for a scene in the new film he is doing. The movie is about John Smith and Pocahontas, and Colin plays John Smith and the actress that plays Pocahontas is only 14. Well basically the lawyers were worried about child porn laws after filming the sex scene. Colin really will tag anything that moves huh?

- Guy Ritchie, Madonna's bitch is so into Kabbalah that he takes a rabbi with him to business meetings.

- Matt Damon and Brad Pitt are slowly starting to come out of the closet. While doing a press junket in Japan to promote Ocean's 12 when asked what the best part about working with each other was, Damon said that Brad's got a nice butt, and Pitt said Matt always smells nice. Dirty thoughts abound with that little tidbit!

- Kevin Federline went to Vegas last weekend and enjoyed some partying and some strippers. Meanwhile, Britney was at the four seasons teaching HIS daughter Kori how to swim. Well, when Brit found out about Kevin getting some lap dances, she caught the first flight out and "surprised" him the next night at a show. That boy needs to remember where his bread is buttered!

- I guess Tina Knowles gave up on her dream to start a fashion line, instead it is going to be under Beyonce's name. Well, actually she is naming the line after her grandma. Either way, its all the same ol' celebrity clothing line bullshit, and she's got a perfume coming out to. I want to know who the hell started this trend, because its just getting ridiculous!!!

- Wesley Snipes is still a wanted man. He is to be arrested if he steps into New York, after his case to have his warrant dropped was denied. He better hope he ain't the baby's daddy, cuz he will get taken for a ride!

Ok, thats it for today folks...sorry it took so long to get posted.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

OH, I just read that Irv Gotti head of The, Inc. which used to be Murder, Inc. who backs such artist as Ja Rule and Ashanti has surrendered to FBI on money laundry and other things. Also, I guess a bunch of other people are going down as well. I'm sure this will be all over the news in the next couple of days.

Damn, Dana got some good stuff today. Lets see if I can find anything else...

- Oh, another case of "I'm a celebrity, Look at Me, No, Don't Look at Me, No Wait Look at Me again"!! Nicole Kidman is trying to get a restraining order on a couple of paparazzi who planted some listening bugs on a car outside her home. I for one, am so tired of hearing celebrities bitch about "stalked" by the paparazzi. I mean hello, its not a big freaking suprise this is what happens when you get into the business. Granted, planting listening bugs is a little much...but seriously, get over it.

- Alica Keys is now a social commentor. She says that black men have it rough, that from the day they are born they are trained to be "super tough" and that the can only be real men if they are millionaires. So, they flaunt all their money and everything they have. THEN she goes on to say "They have to take care of every woman around them. By any means, by the way." Someone, should tell her that it really doesn't help when talking about sterotypes, to actually perpetuate another one.

- Now apparently Christian Slater is saying he was never even the building when the knife attack occured, and that he was never attacked at all. So then I wonder, was anyone attacked? You know, he must be trying to drum up sales for his show, or is coming out with a new movie soon, because he is damn sure in the news a lot lately.

- Man we almost had a lesbian cat fight on our hands. Portia De Rossi walked into a store, where Ellen's ex was already shopping. Well Ellen's ex Alexandra Hedison saw Portia and started to go after her, but a friend held her back. When Portia saw her, she promptly walked right back out of the store.

- Paula Abdul is planning on a comeback. She and Randy Johnson are going to be working on a new album. Oh, I bet you ALL can't wait till that comes out!!

- I knew this was going to happen. Remember back when Britney Spears said she was going to release an album this year, but hadn't told her record label yet? Well now Jive says it will NOT release her album this year, but pushed back till 2006 saying it will give everyone more time to record quality tracks. Also, its being said that Spears said if she wasn't preggo by then of January then she would seek a fertility doctor. I think Britney needs to realize this is God's way of saying NO!!!

- Halle Berry is PISSED. She says that there are NO good roles for black women, even after she won her Oscar. She says she has now resorted to buying the rights to books she would like to see made into a movie. She says she has even been called the N-word to her face in Hollywood. However, I might help if she didn't do films like Catwomen.

- It has just been released that Stockard Channing was charged witha DUI back in December. What is it with old has been women and driving drunk?

Eh, Dana got all the good dirt I guess.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Hey, sorry everyone, but I'm just super busy today and don't have time to do the dirt. I promise I will get to it tomorrow. Hopefully Dana has some stuff for ya!


Monday, January 24, 2005

Yeah, so my weekend kind of sucked. I didn't go out like I thought I was going to. My birthday dinner sucked. Pretty much everything sucked this weekend. Oh well...maybe next weekend, lol.

- Wanna live in the Osburne's England mansion full time? Well, the Osburne's are looking for someone. After the break in at their place Sharon wants someone to stay there full time to protect the house and be there when she comes in if she is alone. Can you imagine just moving in and living in their house like permanently? That would be crazy.

- As if we didn't already know this, but Colin Farrell says he could never be married again, that his four month marriage to that chick hurt him so bad, he doesn't think he could ever do it again. Yep, he was hurt so much by it he decided to be a himbo and sleep with anything with two legs. That's a good way to get over a heart ache. F*ck it out of your system!

- Oh, and in case you didn't hear, Johnny Carson died. Personally, he means nothing to me, I was to young to ever see him on TV, but I guess he did alot. I personally feel bad for David Letterman, since apparently after that story last week, he won't have anyone to write jokes for him anymore. Damn, and we thought his show couldn't suck any more than it already does.

- Christian Slater is separating from his wife. Apparently, he moved to London, because he is doing theater work there, but his wife hates it there, and won't move there permanently. So, basically they are separating. Whatever happened to stand by your man, and all that jazz? I mean you know that she probably is used to this very comfortable lifestyle based on his money, and he is living in London for his job. I mean it wouldn't be any different he was like in corporate America and got a job transfer right? I think thats pretty dick of her to do that.

- Now this is a women. Sadie Frost who is Jude Law's ex wife is offering to help in any way she can for his wedding. She even offered to make Sienna Miller's bridesmaid dresses. She says she wants to be as amicably as she can, especially since their three kids will be apart of the big day. Probably she will like figure out some way to sabotage it, like make it so that the dresses come apart right in the middle of the wedding or something, LOL.

- There is this special pub, that Elton John likes to go to, and I guess there are a couple dogs that are like residents there, so Elton bought the dogs $19,000 diamond encrusted dog collars. Right, like those are gonna stay on the dogs long. Someone is gonna snatch those things right of the dogs neck!!

- Nicole Kidman says she snorts when she laughs. I can see her being a snorter. She says she is trying to get out of the habit of doing it.

- Ok, so we all know The Donald got married this weekend, but you all won't believe this shit. I just read where he had the actual wedding, and it was at this Episcopal church called Bethesda-by-the-Sea. Well, a little background personal info on me, I used to live in West Palm Beach, I actually went to college there for a bit. I actually have been in that church before, in fact I have actually sung in that church. I was in the oratorio choir while I was at college and we had a performance there. It is a beautiful church, and its like super old. So now I can say I sung in the church that The Donald got married in. Tell all your friends, LOL.

- P-Diddy is said to want to buy four theaters that Andrew Lloyd Weber is selling in London. I guess ever since Diddy did that play he is like obsessed with the theater, so we wants to buy these to add to his business portfolio. Hopefully, Weber has enough sense not to sell them to Diddy, lest the be turned into gaudy, over-priced, ho magnets. It would be the death of theater as we know it!

- Paige Davis of Trading Spaces got canned. I guess it was all the rumors about her sex tape and her doing that go-go dance and showing her thong at some party once. I bet that show will be off the air in a year.

- Poor Paris Hilton, she had a rough time at the Sundance Film Festival. She kept getting seated next to Shannon Doherty and Rick Solomon the whole weekend. (Who I guess are back together) She none to happy. However, some witnesses are saying that it served her right since kept going to all these designers that were there doing promotion and asking for free clothes. Once place she asked for a $6,000 dollar fu coat for free, the designer said NO and gave her a fur trimmed sweater instead. Poor Paris!

- Oh that Britney Spears! She said recently that she is changing her thinking on this preggo thing. She says thats she needs to quit worrying about being preggers so much and focus more on things like her music and she will have a better chance of getting pregnant that way. She is also officially releasing her single "Do Somethin'" in the US. I watched the video this weekend and its pretty good, she seems to be having more fun and is not so serious about it. I really like the song, but I'm gay so it's kind of like I have to.

- Paris Hilton may be in trouble with the FCC after she said f*ck on her radio show live. That's F*ucked!

Have a good Monday everyone!

Friday, January 21, 2005

Hells yeah, its FRIDAY!!!! I'm gonna get tore up this weekend, since I didn't really celebrate my birthday last weekend, this weekend is gonna be my party weekend!

- Ethan Hawke is still bitching about his divorce with Uma Thurman. He's saying it affected his performance having to deal with it, blah, blah, blah. I think he is just pissed because her career is taking off, and his is well, sucking.

- George Clooney says he wants to wait to have children. He feels he needs to find out if he can sustain a lasting relationship, and also he cites his crazy work schedule. However, he needs to remember he is getting old, and unless he wants to be like 80 with kids, he needs to hurry the hell up or just forget about having kids all together. In fact, how about he just not have any. That would be a much smarter choice.

- Ok, that Simon Cowell dude is seriously fucked. I mean he is NUTS. He just said that he doesn't understand the whole Beyonce thing. He says she can't sing and doesn't have a nice body. Then he goes on to defend Ashlee Simpson by saying he doesn't understand what the big deal is, and why should you do a substandard performance if you sound better with the vocals. God, I wish he would go back to fucking Europe and stay there, he is such an idiot.

- Ben Stiller wants to do a play about an interracial love triangle in small town America. Um, huh? Why? Maybe he wants more street cred or something?

- Chris Rock says that if Jamie Foxx doesn't win the Oscar, he will steal one for him. That's nice, lets not perpetuate black stereotypes or anything. I wonder if there will be riots in the street is he doesn't win as well? Could it be that if he doesn't win its because wasn't *gasp* the best actor this year? It is possible ya know.

- Didn't Gwyneth Paltrow talk about being one of those moms that won't have like all kinds of nannies and shit? Well, so much for that. She is going to start filming her new movie in March.

- Seal is starting shit with rapper 50-cent. He blasted 50 recently saying that all he does is tell people to get rich or die trying, and he fills his video with cars and "hos". Seal better watch what he is saying, because 50 will cap his ass, LOL.

- Pierce Brosnan says his wife helped him through getting cut as James Bond. He says it took a toll on him emotionally, but his wife was there to comfort him and finally tell him to move and get over it. Yep, thats what wives are for, to tell there whinny millionaire actor husbands to get over it!

- J-Lo, oh damn, I mean Jennifer Lopez says that she loves to stay in and just chill. She says she likes to have friends over and watch Sex and the City or sit by the pool and just chat. She also says that she loves to watch comedies and her favorite is Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, and that it kills her everytime. You know, I actually have to say I am liking J-lo more and more these days. I love her new song and video, and also, that movie is one my favorites as well.

- Beyonce was asked to host a party, but wanted a special kind of Indian curry to be served by her favorite chef. Only problem was that the chef was in England, the party planners tried to talk her out of it, until they finally gave in and spent the $7,000 to fly in the special curry.

- Fergie, the chic from the Black Eyed Peas is said to have had a boob job, brow lift, and a nose job. I can't upload the side by side pics, but they are out there.

- Oh and thank you to those lovable Christians, for letting us know that Sponge Bob is a big ol' homo. James Dobson of Focus on the Family issued a warning to Christians that Sponge Bob was gay. I personally had no idea, and I know about ALL the gay cartoon characters. Man, I don't know how they got the dirt to out him, but I wish I had their source. It would make dating so much easier if I knew who all the big homos were.

- Christina Ricci uses Preparation H. Why? No, not for hemmroids, but to keep from getting bags under her eyes. She always keeps a tube of in the fridge.

- Britney Spear's new mansion is a shit sty. Apparently she lets all her dogs just piss and poo all over the carpets. She doesn't use any cleaner she just kinda dabs it up. Kevin's closet is filled with dog poo. (Where else would the dogs think to shit, other than the closet full of baggy pants and wife beaters?) So this brings us to our newest question, does Brit's rash come from frequent use of public bathrooms, or from copious amounts of dog feces?

- David Hasselhoff reveals that he turned down hiring Leo Dicaprio for a baywatch role. Leo is thanking god everyday for not looking hot enough in red swim trunks.

- Some woman is claiming that Bill Cosby drugged and groped a women in his Philly home last year. No word yet if any pudding was involved.

- I got this story from several people yesterday, but apparently while Reese Witherspoon was filming Vanity Fair a frog jumped into her blouse and had to be "removed" by a frog handler. A frog! In her boobs! Rescued! Oh the horror!

- Victoria Gotti might on the way out of Star magazine. Her column has been missing for some time, and there have been rumors of yelling matches with Bonnie Fuller. Nothing official has been said yet.

- Jenna Bush gave the sign for the U. of Texas bullhorns, but it also means bullshit in sign language and is also a reference to Satan in some circles. I kinda think both were fitting for the occasion.

- Cadbury has made a chocolate Jennifer Lopez, for sale at the wax museum Madame Tussauds. Um???

- Usher is apparently furious with J-Lo's new song "Get Right" because he says he recorded it first or something. He is such a whinny little twat.